Health insurance and the need for it

The question to ask is why do I need health insurance? Everyone knows that health insurance is not cheap. Going without it is tempting. Who is to say that a medical emergency is likely to happen in the next year or the future? Young people feel they are healthy enough to skip health insurance. Some rarely see a doctor so deciding against it is not tricky and justifying yourself for your choice is easy.  This wrong choice is faulty reasoning, as it is essential for everyone to have some form of health coverage.

We need health insurance because medical emergencies are costly. If you find yourself in a medical emergency without the necessary protection, you will end up with a staggering amount of medical debt. It will seem like you have no way out of the mess that you are facing. One accident on a mountain slope can amount to thousands of dollars in medical accounts. If you need surgery and rehabilitation from the injuries you incurred, it will climb higher. How can you maintain a job in that situation? Even emergency surgery like an appendectomy can also be extremely costly.


To pay health care costs having medical insurance can also be challenging but having none is a far worse situation.

New legislative laws in some countries require everyone to have health insurance. If you do not have health coverage, you may face fines.

Preventative Care can prevent severe complications and are made possible through insurance. Minor health problems can develop into significant issues in the future. If not having insurance stop you from treating the little things remember they can become chronic issues when you are elderly. Treating minor ailments with efficiency is a great way to avoid lengthy hospital visits. Diagnosed with a severe medical condition like cancer you may find funding extremely difficult if you do not have health insurance.

Some options are cheaper, like high deductible insurance. Setting up a health savings account with this option is very beneficial. These plans are lower in costs than other options. You will be responsible for the costs involved in your medical until you cannot afford it anymore then the insurance plan will pick up the rest of the accounts.

Opposed to what many believe, health insurance is not an extravagance it is a necessity in life. The earlier that you can invest in life insurance, the better it will be not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. To think selfishly puts families at risk. It is better to consider others as well as yourself. Many people have suffered the humiliation of being turned away when in need of urgent medical care. Why experience the feeling of helplessness in such a situation? Make the right choice, get health insurance for your peace of mind.


Post Author: Lee D. Kimbell