Why You Should Be Consuming More Honey

Providing health benefits for thousands of years, honey has been the number one ingredient to optimal health for almost anything you can think of.

Health benefits include everything from fighting infections, to boosting energy, promoting weight loss, preventing insomnia and nausea, fighting asthma, raising energy levels, as well as increasing your skin’s health and it doesn’t stop there.

The benefits of honey for your health, are endless. The fact that it also helps you lose weight is probably one of the biggest reasons why people consume it. Many don’t even know about its amazing health benefits either.

Honey has always been very easy to consume. If you’ve ever tasted honey, which you probably have, you’ll know how amazing it tastes, as well as how good it makes your throat feel. That’s because it’s not just good in taste but packed with many different healing properties. It also works perfectly as a sweetener and is known to fight flu symptoms such as coughs, boost your immune system, as well as improve your cardiovascular health.


Where Does Honey Come From?

Honey was found nearly 8,000 years ago and was most popularly used in Egypt and Greece. It has also become a staple in many cultures, such as Chinese medicine, as well as indigenous people all around the world back in the day.

It has always been used as a natural healer and has been the secret ingredient for everything from home remedies to facial masks and just about anything you can think of.

Nutrients in Honey

To many people’s shock, honey contains a lot of protein, as well as sodium. If there weren’t medical research done on honey, we probably wouldn’t have known that it contains any protein at all, due to its sweet taste that is. It also contains pantothenic acid, riboflavin, zinc, iron, vitamin C and is high in natural sugars, such as maltose, glucose and fructose.

One of the strangest ingredients in honey might also be its high-content level of water, which is one of the most unexpected nutrient ingredients.

The Endless Benefits of Honey

Honey has many natural benefits. If it’s not its healing powers, it’s the incredible effect that it has on our skin.

Honey also controls healthy levels of cholesterol and can reduce it by 3% in just one month, if consumed daily. It can thus also lead to increasing your good cholesterol levels.

Honey is also very good for diabetics and even though it’s sweet, is an entirely healthy alternative to consume daily. It’s so good for people with diabetes that it also stabilises one’s insulin levels.

It is also rich in anti-bacterial properties and as a result, fights off infections, treats gastric problems, prevents nausea and includes many other general health benefits like increased weight loss, the promotion of sleep and can also treat asthma.

Post Author: Lee D. Kimbell